Prof. Majeed Hussain,


 Professor in Econometrics practicing in the specialized area for the last thirty five years spread over continents of Canada, UAE and middle east, As a practicing, professional economist and with the ardent desire to contribute to the society, in economic centered research, The economic research is characterized as deviations from perfect rationality as well as influenced by numerous factors that always make the researcher explore for the causalities that are deep beneath the subject. It is my practice, every time to utilize the subjects from the field mainly on a global perspective, taking queue through lab centered field experiments, which facilitates to develop survey tools and analyze large panel data sets for a better understanding of the economic policies and practices in decision-making. Further the aim is to concentrate on the various psychological underpinnings, generating insights to the economic theory and practice, as well to invite real time decision makers in the diversified areas business practices.

From my experience over a period, I can provide emphasis to the following factors in economic research. Economerics research utilizes economic data as its core input. After this, the availability and value of economic data is considered as the major factor towards the development of timely and accurate economic research, to the maximization of benefits, along with bringing down the wrong decision-making and the costs to the minimum.

My field of research is Econometrics (statistics, Quantitative and Economic Theory), broadly defined to include forays into Statistics, finance and the economics theory. Within this field, I can identify two core areas of interest.

First, I am interested in applied econometrics both economic and financial aspects I have been engaged in exploring how economic growth is affected by different variables, for instance, the factors affect the economic growth can be export, import, FDI exchange rate financial crises etc.

Second, I am interested in modeling and its interactions with different fields of economic and finance, with special emphasis on Cointegration, Vector Error Correction (VECM) and Unrestricted Vector Auto regression model (UVARM), Autoregressive Distributed Lag Model (ARDL) as called Bound Test Model, forecasting within this area, Panel Data Analysis as well as ARCH and GARCH family Model . I intend to continue exploring the role of modeling complexity, and the out-of-sample validity of joint models (static or dynamic) of money demand, economic growth stock market behavior.etc.


  • My research interests also focus in the areas of narrow specification: Econometric, working in researching, teaching and experience using software statistical packages such as EViews for Econometric, SPSS, STATA, AMOS, QM for windows (QA) and MegaStat for Excel. My research articles have appeared in peer-reviewed international journals.

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